Ranger Station Candles | That Can Later Be Turned Into Whiskey Glasses


Ranger Station is a company that creates wilderness-inspired candle scents. Each one uses natural soy wax and a different mixture of essential oils and fragrances. Ranger Station Candles are hand made and poured into cool whiskey glasses you can later drink from.

The idea came from the founder of the company, Steve Soderholm. He always struggled with finding the perfect scent for a candle that would represent what he loves the most. So what he did was he started to create his own candles, and now, his company offers a variety of exclusive aromas.

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Lighting a Ranger Station candle

Ranger Station Candles contain natural soy wax as well as different essential oils and fragrances.

Each candle is inspired by a different memory. From those like working up the courage to hold the hand of the girl you liked all summer all the way to early mornings of watching the sun rise. Another impressive feature of the Ranger Station Candles is the 45-hour burn time.

three images of Ranger Station candles being used

The coolest thing about them is that the candles can later be used as whiskey glasses.

With a variety of scents available, you can choose the one that soothes you the best. There’s the leather + pine candle, tobacco + musk, amber + clove, oakmoss, balsam fir, bonfire, cabin smoke…They weigh 11 oz and measure 3.5 x 3 inches in diameter.

candle burning surrounded by cones

There’s a variety of scents you can get.

There are a few tips you can follow so that the candle burns properly. This means no tunneling -“when the wax does not burn all the way to the sides of the container” and sooting- “when the glass starts to blacken from the flame”. The first time you burn it, make sure it melts to all the sides. If you do that every other time, you’ll get a clean burn and the candle will last longer. One more tip is to trim the wick before every burn.

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Instruction on how to turn candle glass into a whiskey glass

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