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Stylish, practical and precise with a cool factor of 100 is what we ideally look for when we buy watches. We choose good watches because they say something about us; they speak about our tastes, our sense of style, and our level of sophistication. Having a good quality watch on your wrist is the same as having a Lamborghini as your car; it says something about you, your standing in life and your aspirations. Speaking of good quality watches, the new Ranger line of watches by Nixon delivers on the money.

Ranger Line of Watches style

The watch you choose will say a lot about your tastes in style, and with the Ranger line you can make a cool statement

Inspired by the rugged look of military field instruments, the Nixon Ranger line comes in various styles that range from slick gun-metal black with white minute hands to mirror Chrome with a brown face and even all gold with a dazzling white face. From nylon straps to a full stainless link bracelet, you can be assured that your Nixon Ranger watch will suit whatever your needs. Sporting a solid stainless steel case and a quartz movement, you can be sure that those delicate mechanisms are fully protected.

Ranger Line of Watches size

Apart from offering a lot of different styles, this line of watches comes in a large number of sizes too

Since the new Ranger line is all about choices, styles and particular tastes, there is a wide range to select from – between the Ranger 45 that sports a 44mm case and 24mm straps or the Ranger series that uses 44mm cases and 22mm straps. If none of those appeal to you, you can always go for the Chrono option. With Nixon, it’s all about choices. Designed with style and sophistication, we are pretty sure that you will find exactly what you need.

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Ranger Line of Watches variety

The Ranger line of watches is all about choices, and Nixon offers quite a lot of different styled watch cases and straps

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