Rand Dresser – A Deconstructed, Slanted, Nonlinear Dresser

If you are tired of your chunky classic dresser, and would love to freshen up your home with a quirky, unconventional piece of furniture, Italian designer Enrico Mangialardo and furniture maker E1+E4 from Bergamo, Italy have something right up your alley – Rand – a deconstructed, slanted, nonlinear dresser.

The Rand Dresser resembles a pile of playfully stacked boxes, and although, at first glance, the dresser looks askew, it is very carefully and cleverly constructed to give appearance of „balance in the chaos“. Even the dresser’s legs are in the opposing directions. The Rand is lightweight, rests on the metal framework which holds seven seemingly random drawers, and is made from lacquered melamine in monochromatic hues.

Rand Dresser by E1 + E4

The Rand dresser is a limited edition item since E1+E4 manufactures only 50 pieces of each product in order to ensure uniqueness and exclusivity. E1+E4 prides itself in having a “tight-knit team of designers, dedicated to the research of original styles, and skilled artisans who manufacture all the pieces in the company’s headquarters in Bergamo”.

As far as the dimensions and the weight go, the dresser is 145 cm (57.1”) wide, 60 cm (23.6”) deep, and 85 cm (33.5“) high, and it weighs 90 kg.

The Rand’s clean lines, simplicity of design, total lack of generic uniformity, and innovative execution make this dresser a must have piece.

The Rand dresser is furniture art at its contemporary best.

View from the top of the Rand Dresser by E1 + E4

Side and front view of the Rand Dresser by E1 + E4

Front view of the Rand Dresser by E1 + E4

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