Rainpal Windscreen Wiper


Rainpal is a windscreen wiper that’s attached to your motorcycle helmet and charges via USB. It’s tested up to 100 mph and it will remove rain quickly from the visor and reduce fogging/misting.

Rainpal isn’t bulky but quite small and lightweight. With just 5.3 oz this windscreen wiper is around 8% of the weight of an average helmet. The thing that might come to mind is will Rainpal block your vision? The answer is no. It’s located at the top of the visor it will ensure you have 140 degrees of cleared vision. You will lose just about 0.3 cm of top vision.

Rainpal On A Black Motorcycle Helmet

Rainpal will provide 140 degrees of cleared vision during rain as well as reduce fogging.

There are two ways to attach Rainpal to your helmet. The first one is with an adhesive strip that will allow you to remove it with just a click. The second option is suction cups that sit inside the visor. Rainpal can fit any motorcycle helmet and if in some case it doesn’t fit yours, you can get the money back. To turn the wiper on, you can use either the button located on the Rainpal or wireless controls. You can also adjust the wiper speed, delay wipe or wash the visor (the internal water reservoir is located on the left side of the Rainpal).

Two Buttons On The Rainpal

There are just two buttons located on the Rainpal.

When it comes to the battery, it’s quite strong. It will last around 90 minutes if you use the continuous wipe. If you use a two-second delay the battery lasts twice as long. You can recharge it while on the bike if you have a USB charger. Fluorescent coating will make it easier to see during nighttime as well as few LEDs located on the Rainpal. When there’s no need to use it, just store it in the hard carry case that comes with it. [via]

Rainpal Hard Carry Case

Rainpal packs into a hard carry case that comes along with it.

For more information on Rainpal check out this video. 

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