Technical advancements brought us various ways of controlling the gadgets we use every day, but most of those innovations were inspired by sheer functionality and utilitarity. The designer of the RAFL Wireless speakers moved one step forward.

The idea behind RAFL was based on a candy jar and the movement you employ while picking a candy from it or, as the Korean designer Kihwan Joo explained himself “Just like fumbling in a candy jar in order to find their favorite one, users can pick up music using their fingers.”

Ok, not literally pick up, but this kind of a design enables you to choose your music using gestures, since every kind of physical interaction with the speaker, such as touching, flicking and even covering, produces a different response that seems to give the wireless speaker a personality that is easy to connect with. watch video below

RAFL Wireless Speaker Side view

RAFL Wireless Speaker Side view

RAFL Wireless Speaker Side top view

RAFL Wireless Speaker top view

How to use the RAFL Wireless Speaker

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