Radmini | Foldable Fat Electric Bike


It seems like 2016 is the year for awesome innovations in regards to electric bicycles; we already have the GeoOrbital that aims to change the way that we use electric bicycles and now, with the Radmini Fat Electric Bike, we have the ability to travel off-road as well as hauling goods!

This little beast is powered by a humongous 750 watt / 48 V power system that has been combined with both front and rear cargo racks so that you can haul heavy loads without breaking a sweat.

The Radmini drivetrain, cargo racks and power supply

The cargo racks are perfect for hauling groceries and other stuff while the monstrous 750W/48V power system and 7-speed Shimano drivetrain gives you all the power that you need.

However, we did mention that you can use it off-road as well and it comes as no surprise since the Radmini’s tires are 4” wide and 20” tall. If you don’t have much space, it isn’t a problem since this bicycle folds up in 2 ways – a joint in the middle of the frame and a joint that allows the handle to come down. This means that the Radmini folds up to less than half of its functioning size. If you were wondering about the strength of the bike, there’s no need since the Radmini’s frame is double tubed for extra strength and can handle anything that you throw on it and anywhere that you’d like to go.

Radmini locking pins

The Radmini folds in two places and are secured via locking pins. To ensure extra strength, the entire frame is double-tubed.

For night time riding, you’ll be pleased to hear that it has LED lights to illuminate your way and, of course, a 7 speed Shimano drivetrain. The bicycle also has 5 levels of pedal assist and braking is a breeze with its large disk brakes.

The Radmini Electric bicycle in two different colors

The Radmini Fat Electric Bicycle comes in two different colors.

You can purchase the Radmini Fat Electric Bike in white with a brown seat and black with a black seat. Check out the video below.

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