Creating and placing refuge huts for trekkers is a very common thing in Norway, since the Norwegian Trekkers Association is striving to attract new people to amusing hikes and reward those who already enjoy country’s natural wealth. The huts are placed in remote, beautiful places, but Rabothytta Mountain Hut is the most distant, because it is the 500th one ever placed, so they decided to make it really special in every way.

The Norwegian architects from Jarmund/Vigsnæs Company designed this hut to enrich the national network of refuges for trekkers. This piece of art is now isolated at 1,200m on the Okstindan Mountains, surrounded by rocks, on the edge of a lake and many kilometers from any roads or infrastructure. One of the most important things about it is that it provides an amazing view of the country’s highest peak – Oksskolten. The making of the hut was very difficult, because of a remote and hardly reachable location, but this didn’t stop this group of enthusiasts – they sometimes had to trek, ski or reach it by helicopter, in order to bring the materials to the construction site and spend the nights in the unfinished hut, while resisting winter storms.

Rabothytta mountain hut in winter

Its structure is compact and you will not be affected by the weather outside, no matter whether it is windy, rainy or snowy, you will not be freezing or wet. The exterior synergizes with the landscape and blends into it, since the walls are made of Kebony wood in a combination with large windows that will allow you to enjoy gazing at the stunning icy nature, while being sheltered and warm. The internal space is created in a way that it can be suitable for both large and small groups. Namely, it is divided into modules, which can be opened or closed, so you can have a few small rooms or a big one. Anyway, you can make an intimate atmosphere whenever you want to.

Visiting this hut is a must for every adventurist out there, for they will be able to experience a great effort while trying to reach it and an outstanding reward when they succeed. [via]

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Wooden mountain hut in Norway

Rabothytta mountain hut

Rabothytta mountain hut interior

Rabothytta mountain hut

Mountain hut in Norway

Rabothytta mountain hut

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