The title doesn’t really say it all. The RA Reflect Jacket is probably the brightest reflective jacket ever made, but it is also so much more.

The designers set out to create the ultimate reflective jacket whose advantage would not only be the fact that it is visible from afar, but which would also have loads of other perks. And they did it.

The RA Reflect Jacket allows you to safely cycle through some adverse conditions. It consists of loads of reflective microscopic silica beads which we can find in quartz. Each of the beads is carefully prepared during the production process and then placed in layers on top of the others. The layers are then laminated using a layer of silicon. This kind of a setup allows you to be seen from as far as 150 yards away.

RA Reflect Jacket

The second feature concerns rain and winds. The jacket is designed so that it repels water and prevents heavy winds from penetrating it. This makes cycling a lot safer and easier.

However, even though the RA Reflect Jacket is wind resistant it is very breathable due to ventilation pores.

All of these features combined place the RA Reflect Jacket well above American National Safety Standard requirements and all of this starts at a very reasonable price of just $160. Add to this the great futuristic design and there is no reason why any cyclist would skip this opportunity. watch video below

RA Reflect Jacket

RA Reflect Jacket

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