If you are looking for a treatment that soothes your body, mind and soul alike, aromatherapy is definitely one to consider. The benefits of using essential oils are too many to mention but here are the most important ones – aromatherapy alleviates anxiety, depression, fatigue, headaches, lung/sinus congestion, indigestion and muscle soreness, improves blood pressure and manages pain in general. Not only that, dispersing essential oils will freshen and purify your air and also relieve dry cough and cold / flu symptoms. And for this you will need an aromatherapy diffuser such as Lull by Quooz.

Now, with so many diffusers out available on the market, why should you pick Lull? First and foremost, this is much more than a conventional mister. Lull uses the latest ultrasonic technology to diffuse essential oils. It does not use heat since heat can severely damage the integrity of essential oils. This diffuser needs only two to four drops of your favourite essential oil to make your home smell delicious. Just fill it with water, add essential oil and that’s it. No further action is required.

Quooz Lull aromatherapy diffuser

Lull has a pretty large reservoir and easily lasts up to ten hours. This is a healthy and safe alternative to standard air fresheners and even to scented candles which, although smelling nice, are not that long-lasting. The diffuser also moisturizes the air in your room which benefits people suffering from respiratory diseases.Lull emits a soft light that has several levels of brightness, including the breathing mode where the light fades gradually and then brightens again. This changing light is set at a frequency that simulates deep breathing which has a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system. Apart from creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, Lull is also a very elegant addition to your home. Its stylish design resembles a spring flower bud before bloom. It is also low on energy use and easy to clean.

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