A while ago we presented you with the Gibbs Quadski amphibious ATV, an amazing vehicle that brought together two, until then, irreconcilable rides. It had a potent BMW engine that produced 80hp and enough push on land and water alike. However, there was one problem. It had only one seat. The Quadski XL corrects this.

Basically, it is a bigger version of the previous Quadski, which sits two people comfortably, but still keeps all the advantages of the original model. And advances them further. The new Gibbs Quadski XL is significantly bigger and somewhat heavier than its smaller brother, so a more potent engine was required. The Quadski XL therefore features a 1.3l, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder BMW engine with 140hp which is a noteworthy jump from the already sufficient 80hp of the previous model.

The new setup launches the Quadski XL to its top speed of 45mph on both surfaces, which is remarkably good for this kind of a vehicle.

So, there you go. The already unique and remarkable vehicle has been further improved to accommodate two passengers and additionally equipped with a bigger and better engine. Could the Quadski become the first of many such versatile vehicles? [via]

Quadski XL jet ski

Quadski XL

2 person amphibious ATV

Quadski XL atv

Quadski XL amphibious atv

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