Smartphones have evolved every part of our lives into new and extraordinary levels where communication with someone on the other side of the planet is possible, and where we can extract any and all information out of the air with the touch of a button. However, we have all had those moments where you desperately need to make a phone call or want to take a picture of something that you’ll only see once in your lifetime and then you realize that all is lost as your battery is drained. Thanks to a clever invention by Q Designs you need not fret anymore. The product in question is Qbracelet that charges your smartphone.

With style and usability in mind Q Design’s Qbracelet you can rest assured knowing that you have an extra power source at hand or, rather, on your wrist that ensures you will never be caught with low battery again. Boasting a staggering battery size of 1,160 mAh and depending on your smartphone make and model, the Qbracelet can charge your phone up to 60% and the best part is that it will even work for the iPhone 6 and 6+. The bracelet contains a micro USB connector for Android devices and a Lightning connector for iPhones.

Qbracelet weighs in at an incredibly light 1.8 ounces and, in effect, you’ll barely notice it when you wear it. Sporting 5 great colours that include Polished Silver, White, Gold, Grey and Charcoal Black you can rest assured that it will compliment whatever attire you might be wearing with its stylish design. It also comes in three different sizes; Small (6.42 inches) which is recommended for most women, Medium (7.12 inches) which is recommended for most men and, finally, Large (7.91 inches) which is recommended for men with large wrists.

Considering the variety of colours and sizes, Qbracelet has been tailored for everyone’s needs. Once you get used to it, we guarantee that you will not leave the house without this wearable device charger. [via]

QBracelet charging wearable device

QBracelet, bracelet that charges devices

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