It was about time for somebody to come up with an idea of how to provide an instant connection between a camera and social media. Queue the Q Camera! This “first ever social camera” (to quote its designers), enables you to immediately upload every photo you take to a social medium of your choice via a SIM card which you simply slide in. Alternatively, your photographs can be automatically saved to your personal online archive, the so-called QLab.

theQ Camera is manufactured by a Swedish lifestyle company theQ which was founded by a Scandinavia-based trio Joe, Brandon and Andrea who have the background in industrial design and advertising. All three were unhappy with their digital cameras, and since “necessity is the mother of invention”, as they say, they decided to make a camera that will suit their needs.

Waterproof feature of theQ Camera by theQ

Now, for the features… The Q Camera has 3G, built-in 2GB of storage, four buttons (function, save and share, shutter and shutter with flash), one slot for a Micro USB / SIM, a ring flash (eight-segment powered LED flash), a self-shot indicator, a 2.7 inch display, a Li-polymer battery 800mAh, a USB to computer system / adaptor, a 24-mm-wide lens (F2.4 aperture), manual rotation focus, Macro mode, and 3 pre-set capture modes (Outdoor, Indoor and Night). The camera’s resolution is 5 Megapixels and it takes, on average, 200 photographs per charge. Not to mention it is waterproof (to a depth of a metre or three feet) and dustproof.

As far as the design goes, the Q Camera comes in nine funky colours with equally funky names – Aqua (turquoise), Ketchup (red), It’s My Jam (blue), Coffee (black), Mustard (yellow), Berry Fields (fuchsia), Ice, Baby (white), Cupcake (pink), and Peppermint (light green). watch video below

Inside the Q Camera by theQ

Buttons of the Q Camera by theQ

Q Camera by theQ attached to a harness

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