All of you science fiction, magic, superpower and supernatural ability fans hail the mighty Pyro FireShooter, a gadget that can make you feel like a superhero or a mega-villain, if you wish. Before you continue reading about it, you must know that this is not a toy and you can seriously harm someone with it. Yes, it really does the things you have seen in the comics and movies.

This flamethrower was designed by a magician Adam Wilber, who named it after a famous Marvel character -Pyro. It is designed to be very sleek and all you need to do before you become a wizard is to put it on your wrist and the fun can begin. Pyro is rather small, so you can unnoticeably wear it under your sleeve or in a pocket.

Pyro Fire Shooter

There is a slight disadvantage that comes with its size-it has four separate chambers, ergo there are only four shots per loading, but the good thing is that it can be reloaded quickly. The ammunition it uses are flash cottons, or flash papers which magicians use for making the fast burning flames, that are put inside the barrels. After that, they are ignited when the button is pressed and that is exactly when the magic happens-the fireballs are shot instantly.

Fireball thrower attached to the wrist

Pyro’s range is about 30ft (10m), which truth be told is not much, but considering it is meant to be played with, you do not need more. However, it does not have to be wrist-worn, since it can be triggered by a remote controller at up to 90ft (30m) away, so you can find many interesting uses for it. If you are inventive enough, you might even perform tricks as awesome as those of its creator.

Pyro Fireshooter

Pyro Fire Shooter can be yours for $174, provided you are above 18 of course. It can be bought online and shipped internationally, just check your country’s laws before you order it. This amazing fire spitting device comes with a pack of ammo for 50 uses and the additional ammo is charged $8 a piece. Even though it is recommended for magicians, everyone can have lots of fun with it. watch video below

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