Pyramid Lighting Sculpture by Aqua Creations

The Pyramid Lighting Sculpture, created by Albi Serfaty and Benad Dar of Tel-Aviv based Aqua Creations Lighting & Furniture Atelier, is a large-scale light fixture and an exercise in further exploration of use of silk by the designers. The inverted pyramid lighting sculpture is made of a grid of 28 triangular frames with each frame draped in incandescent fabric adding movement with its relaxed pleats and emanating a soft warm glow. The triangular frames come in 14 variations.

Serfaty and Dar say that their goal was to make “an impressive yet understated center piece that would merge with the space and give it contemporary feel”. Aqua Creations exhibited their light sculpture at the HD expo in Las Vegas in May 2013. The lighting sculpture’s dimensions are 280 x 370 x 110 cm.

Please contact Aqua Creations for purchase information. watch video below

black and gray pyramid lighting sculpture

Illuminated white and gray color Pyramid lighting sculpture suspended from the ceiling at an exhibition

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