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Rubik’s Cube is one of those inventions that will always have a timeless appeal, and some furniture designers like Alberto Dias Ribeiro have even used it as an inspiration. Ribeiro, who designs for a Portuguese architecture, design and photography studio A2OFFICE, has made a coffee table, which he called the Puzzle Table that pulls apart thanks to its five segments of which four are removable, and one is combining core.

“Altogether there are 125 cubes, all equal, which are part of a larger cube.” says the designer. “The Puzzle Table lives of the interaction with its users. It needs to be discovered and experienced. It challenges different uses and proposes alternatives: it is a game to be played!”

Indeed, this coffee table plays to imagination and creativity, and you can basically transform it in whichever way you like. The Puzzle Table is distinctive, variable, and never the same. The table is made from the medium density fiberboard (MDF), and finished in mate aqueous varnish (in colours of afizelia, oak, chestnut, cherry wood, eucalyptus, beech, mahogany, ash, pine, sucupira, agba, and vengue). Its dimensions are 500 x 500 x 500 mm, and it weighs 22.50 kg.

The Puzzle Table by A2Office

The Puzzle Table by A2Office

The Puzzle Table by A2Office

The Puzzle Table

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