From Puzhen, a company which specializes in manufacturing aroma diffusers and essentials oils in order to give you a better and simpler living environment, comes the Sha Aroma Diffuser from their Five-Sense series.

As the name of this series of products (Five-Sense) states, these aroma diffusers will engage all of your senses once you start using them. Puzhen follows a combination of traditional manufacturing and modern technology to bring us this wonderful diffuser.

Different colors on thePuzhen aroma difuser

These diffusers are all hand made from a rare type of purple clay using techniques passed down through generations which gives it an artistic look. Equipped with a built-in ionizer which generates negative ions, this diffuser is capable of  purifying the air in your room more effectively than other diffusers. It also has 3 different, soft LED lights which you can change using its infrared remote control to further enhance your environment. Of course, you are able to control other features with the remote control, such as the operating modes. You can set the auto shutdown timer according to your preferences from 1 to 8 hours.

Puzhen Five Sense Sha aroma diffuser on Amazon

As the Sha Aroma Diffuser is available in three different sizes (small, medium and large), the features for each size slightly differ. Depending on the size, the area which it covers varies. The smallest can cover an area of 323 sq ft (30m2), while the large one can cover up to 646 sq ft (60m2). Another varying feature is the water reservoir capacity of the diffuser; the bigger it is the more aromatherapy oils you can use.

These diffusers are also very simple to use: select your favourite aromatherapy oil and add a few drops to a cup of tap or mineral water, open the purple clay container and pour until the fill level is reached. After that, replace the cover and use the remote control to turn in on and set the operating mode and other features of the diffuser. If these instructions aren’t clear enough, view the short video instruction below.

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