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Men, were you ever jealous of women for having their precious vibrators? Well, thanks to a firm called Hot Octopuss who invented the Pulse II male sex toy, now it’s the girls who have a reason to be jealous. This product is available in two options, Solo and Duo. The first one is made to only stimulate men while the other one is great for foreplay. What makes this product different from other male stimulators is the oscillating technology it uses.

The Pulse II Solo and Duo use patented oscillating technology that has a medical background. This technology was primarily used to help men with spinal injuries have children as research has shown that vibrations applied in a specific way can make a man ejaculate involuntarily. This sex toy uses the same technology, slightly modified, to give you the powerful and unique orgasms like you’ve never experienced before. The technology is integrated through the PulsePlate™ that provides high-amplitude oscillations.

Hot Octopus Pulse II - Male Sex Toy laid next to the original packaging, on a white background.

The Pulse II by Hot Octopuss is an oscillating male stimulator for intense pleasure

Pulse II is very versatile and adaptable. It can be used even if you don’t have an erection so this guybrator can also get you going. This is very good news for men with erectile dysfunction as it offers new and exciting possibilities. Just let the soft silicone wings expand around you as you grow to ensure a tight and comfortable fit and make sure that the PulsePlate is under your frenulum area. With a little support, this toy offers an amazing hands-free experience.

Hot Octopus Pulse II - Male Sex Toy from multiple angles on a white background.

The Pulse II Solo is designed to stimulate the man, it offers 5 different stimulation modes with adjustable intensity for an amazing experience

The Pulse II guybrator can be used in two ways. Used with lubricant, it becomes the ultimate next-generation masturbator while the lubricant-free use makes it a static stimulator. The testers have reported the sensation to be different than anything they’ve ever experienced and that it gave them a much more powerful and prolonged orgasm. Both the Solo and Duo toy have silicon upper and a sturdy polycarbonate lower. The man can control the settings and intensity for him right on the toy while his partner gets the remote control.

Hot Octopus Pulse II - Male Sex Toy laid on a white background, side view.

The Pulse II Duo is designed with couples in mind as the lower soft surface that stimulates the female partner can be controlled independently via remote control

The Duo couple’s toy also has an extra motor that works just like a normal vibrator on the soft underside to stimulate the woman. As a sex toy, the Pulse II doesn’t have the typical flashy and vulgar design like some other products on the market. It’s a black wearable stimulator that doesn’t resemble a vagina or phallus but actually looks quite elegant for a sex toy so you won’t be embarrassed to use it. It offers five stimulation modes with different intensity for the man and it’s completely waterproof.

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