Remember all those times when you and your whole family would gather up in the living room and search through old photo albums and yearbooks laughing at funny postures you had taken or haircuts you used to have? Now, most of you might agree with the fact that, nowadays, those moments are extremely rare. Well, Prynt might actually bring those moments back.

Digital era has brought us some new dimensions in every aspect of our lives. And only after you have seen some of your old photos, you can actually realize how things have changed. One of the cool pieces of gadgets you all remember for sure is an old Polaroid camera that was able to provide instant prints outs. Today we have digital cameras with huge HD resolution images and dozens of other options such as photoshop and edit, with various kinds of filters, blurs, etc. Later you can upload them on whichever social media you use making it available for all your friends to see and comment. But what about picture frames being empty without having any actual photograph to put inside?

Prynt Instant camera and case for iphone and android

Well if you’re one of those who carry their phones around with you, taking photos of this and that all the time, but would still like to enjoy seeing some of them hanging on the wall or being put on your desk, then Prynt is the most perfect thing for you! Prynt is the first instant camera case for Android and iPhone. With this amazing gadget, you can take a picture, and have a polaroid style picture just like its name suggests – instantly. The only thing you should do is plug in your phone, snap a picture and get that photo printed in just a few seconds and enjoy the feeling of holding an actual photo you can put in a picture frame and give it as a gift for the special person of yours, or keep it for yourself, it’s completely up to you.

One of the best features of Prynt is that it is portable, lightweight and so much fun for using! You can snap a photo anywhere you want at any time. It is perfect when you’re out with your friends or family, or your partner and you want to capture a special moment or during sightseeing when you see something you only get to see once in a lifetime. Also, Prynt is designed to be modular which means that it can fit different types of phones so you don’t have to buy another one if you chose to change or upgrade the phone you have at the moment, just order a new dock adapter and carry on. If you’re worried about ink or cartridges, don’t, because the special paper with ink embedded inside is what you will get to load the Prynt case with. And speaking of which, you can choose between pink, blue and white models which look very trendy.

While you’re posing for a photo, the app records a short video, and the next time you hold your phone over the printed image, it will be scanned and recognized, showing your movie on screen in augmented reality. Prynt is for everybody and it makes memories you can hold in your hands and give away as well. watch video below

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