So, you want to release your inner barbecue god but need a little bit of help? We have found the perfect grill for those barbecue nights when you need to cook fast, good and for a lot of hungry people. Primo Oval Ceramic Grill is the only ceramic grill made in the United States and it has, believe it or not, 400 square inches of cooking surface. If you purchase the rack extensions along with the grill, the cooking surface expands to 680 square inches.

Thanks to its patented design, Primo Oval Ceramic Grill is incredibly flexible and efficient since it has two separate cooking zones. This allows you, for instance, to grill and roast at the same time. Cooking time for vegetables and meats is different, and it often happens that, despite your steak turning out just fine, your vegetables are just too charred. The designers of Primo Oval had this in mind when they created a grill with two distinct cooking departments which allow you to simultaneously cook both with direct and indirect heat.

Promo oval ceramic grill

Primo Oval Ceramic Grill has a built-in thermometer, a stainless steel door for ventilation, a rustic-looking iron chimney cap and it supports the temperatures ranging from 95 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. There are very few recipes that cannot be cooked on this grill since you can use it for just about anything – grilling, braising, smoking, baking, roasting, broiling, pan-frying, boiling, simmering, stewing, stir-frying, poaching…

* Stylish Wooden Table sold separately

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