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A lot of the time, we shape our vision of the future by relating to things as they are now. We rarely escape that vision. However, Yacht Island Design and BMT Nigel Dee, are trying to destroy any constraints, rendered by past and present. Essentially, Project Utopia, is the yacht of the future.

This concept was designed free from any restraints or constricted thoughts. It is, essentially, a marvel of naval architecture and engineering.

Instead of reverting back to the original idea of what a yacht should be, Project Utopia, breaks those bounds and moves into the future.

Project Utopia Aerial view

An aerial view of Utopia shows a helicopter pad, swimming pools, observation deck and opening glass roof.

Utopia, contrary to most yachts, is not an object to travel in, but rather a place to be at. It measures approximately 100 meters (109.3 yards) in breadth and width. It also spans across 11 decks. This gives it enough volume to compete with present day cruise liners.

Afternoon side view of Project Utopia

Utopia measures 109 yards x 109 yards and spans 11 decks.

It also has enough space to accommodate a variety of interior design options; this includes a retail district, theater, culinary zone filled with a range of restaurants, and an entertainment zone with nightclubs, bars, and even a casino. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be complete without swimming pools and enough space for four helicopter pads.

Project Utopia in stormy weather

Utopia is able to handle all oceanic weather conditions; including storms.

Utopia will also feature an observatory deck with complete 360-degree views of the ocean at a height of 65m above sea level. It was also designed to take up the smallest possible profile to the water’s surface. Interesting enough, the legs will also contain engines so that it can move, albeit slowly.

Check out more info at YID here.

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