Don’t worry! We got you covered this winter! Literally! With the best ski / snowboarding equipment around…. Case in point – Pro-Tec IPS Snowboarding Back Pads, manufactured by the eponymous U.S. company Pro-Tec which has been producing ski, snowboarding, biking and skating equipment since 1973. Regardless of your snowboarding prowess, falls are imminent and if you happen to fall awkwardly on your back, impact protection is an absolute must. After all, you do want to continue enjoying yourself unbroken and in one piece.

Pro-Tec snowboarding back pad

Pro-Tec IPS Snowboarding Back Pads provide an excellent impact protection and you can wear them all day because they are comfortable and lightweight (weighing only 1 pound). They come with soft shoulder and waist straps. The pads fit very snug, they are quite compact and won’t take up a lot of room under your ski jacket. In certain countries, in terms of protection back pads are considered even more important than helmets. Pro-Tec’s Back Pads will completely absorb high impacts on your spine while staying in place.

Snowboarding back pad

Spinal injuries are quite common in snowboarding particularly when jumps don’t end well. If, unfortunately, you sustain a heavy hit on your back, you can be sure that the Pro-Tec IPS Back Pad will minimize the impact and protect you from severe injuries. Because it is so lightweight and compact, unlike most other protectors on the market which are usually big and bulky, your movements will not be constricted.

Although they do keep you warm on the snow, these back pads will not cause you to sweat profusely. And they are a good value for your money. Pro-Tec Back Pads are manufactured in several sizes (S, M and L) and they come in two colours – black and red.

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