So simple, imaginative and easy to use… We are talking about the Prism Nightlight, created by a Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) industrial design student Nicholas Baker, which you turn on and off with a tilting motion.

There are no switches, since the lamp itself is designed to perform as a switch. You tilt it one side, it is switched on, you tilt it on the other side, it is switched off.

With the Prism Nightlight, there is really no need to fumble in the middle of night looking for the switch.

The Prism is battery-powered, made from wood and glass, and it comprises of just one triangular block which resembles a teeter-totter. Unfortunately, Baker has no plans to go into production with the nightlight since he designed it as a one-off project.

Prism nightlight

“The goal of this project was to explore a personal light device and create an innovative product taking inspiration from a notable designer. I researched the subtle subconscious cues from Naoto Fukasawa’s design philosophy, along with his playful attitude to create my design. The Prism is a simple night-light inspired by the classic see-saw. The light is turned on by a single tilt of the product”, says the designer. [via]

Prism nightlight

Nightlight design

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