If you ever shopped for a quality bike that’s both relatively affordable and requires minimum upkeep in the long-run, you already know how difficult a task that may be. To those who are still blissfully oblivious of the bike repair woes, our message is – don’t even go there. Well, whichever of the two categories you may belong in, we have a piece of great news for you today – now you no longer have to put up with those costly and lengthy maintenance and repair services but you can still have a top-notch bike that both looks neat and does the job excellently. We present to you the Priority Bike, the latest model released by Priority Bicycles that’s both wallet-friendly and maintenance-free.

With the aim of delivering what they call Happiness in Motion and making cycling a whole lot easier to recreational bikers, the PriorityBicycles team headed by the company founder Dave Weiner did a fair share of designing, engineering and component experimentation to come up with the ideal combination of parts and materials for a stylish, high-quality bike.

Their new brainchild, the so-called Priority Bike, features an oversized lightweight rust-proof aluminum frame coupled with a smooth three-gear setup, Shinamo foot brake and a simple belt drive system which does away with the need for regular maintenance, complex tools, oils and all that tinkering with chains and grease. Each Priority Bike sports a premium-build saddle with two foam layers which has been expertly fixed so as to ensure an upright seating position for maximum comfort and no back-related stress during the ride, while the wheels have been outfitted with double-wall rims and puncture-resistant tires to prevent the most frequent of all bike-related problems, that of a tire going flat after several miles of ride.

Priority bike pedal and gear

Unbelievable as it may seem, that’s not all – the bike is fitted with bolts instead of the standard quick releases to prevent thefts and make sure nobody disassembles your new cycling baby and takes off with some of the most vital parts while you’re not keeping an eye on your Priority. Plus, the bike comes with all bike necessities, including a tire pump, assembly tools, kickstand and a water bottle cage, and the simple four-step assembly procedure takes as few as a couple of minutes, even without any previous technical bicycle-related experience. And last, but not the least – Priority Bicycles guarantee a full refund, no questions asked, if you decide – however improbable this may be – that you don’t like Priority and want to send it back.

Two models of Priority Bike are currently on sale on Kickstarter, one with a diamond frame for men and another with a step-through frame for women, each of which is available in two colors (matte black/dark blue for men’s model and dark blue/gloss white for women’s bikes) and two different sizes. Don’t wait too long before you order your Priority – after all, as the company founder says, “life’s too short to ride a bad bicycle.”

Priority Bike for men

Priority Bike for women

Priority bike gear shifter

Priority Bike, maintenance free bike

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