Preparing Your Car for a Road Trip: A Guide

Can there be anything more romantic in as traveler’s mind than hitting out onto the open road in the comfort of your own vehicle, to explore pastures new and to navigate through distant cities? If this is something that you’ve always wanted to do – or if you’re planning on setting out on a road trip in the near future – then this is the article for you. Covering all bases for preparation of your vehicle, this quick guide will show you how to get the best out of your car form the start of your road trip to the time you return home with your vehicle.

The Paintwork

On your trip, you’re going to drive on all kinds of roads, and through all kinds of adverse weather conditions. The least you can do to protect your car is to find a spray that’ll protect your paintwork – and make it look immaculate for the duration of your journey. You’ll find that ceramic spray coatings offer great advantages and convenience for you as you set off for your once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

The Engine

As anyone will tell you, the most important part of the engine when you’re heading on a road trip is the oil level. Long, hot drives can often leave your engine low on oil, which can have a hugely detrimental effect on the quality of your engine. It’s worth carrying a large container full of oil in your car, and making daily checks on the dipstick in order to maintain the correct levels throughout your trip.

The Interior

Remember that on your road trip, the interior of your car is part of the comfort you’ll extract from your journey. A poorly laid-out car is going to look, and eventually smell, terrible, leaving you anxious on longer drives. Instead, make sure that you pack everything perfectly, and don’t be afraid to buy a cool box for food and drinks – and a thermos flask for coffees that you can drink while on the road.


There’s no doubt that you ought to prepare for emergencies if you’re headed out on a road trip that may take you several hundred miles into strange country. As such, you need to start gathering the things you’ll need together to make your trip easy and painless, even in the event of mishaps on the road. A first aid kit, a blanket and a charger for your phone to call the emergency services are essential for your trip.

Spares and Repairs

While you shouldn’t go overboard on the spares and repairs part of your trip, you should bear in mind that your car needs to have – at the very least – a spare wheel and the appropriate wheel-changing kit for you to use if you get a flat on the road. This should come with your car – and you should check where everything’s kept before you head out. It’s also wise to keep the numbers of nearby garages handy wherever you travel, in case of a more serious mechanical failure on your vehicle.

There you have it: five ways in which you can protect your car and prepare it for the road trip of a lifetime.

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