If you loved the good old days when you were in school and paper airplanes flew by every now and then, then you are going to absolutely love the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Controlled Paper Airplane. What this awesome little device does is turn your paper airplane into a flying drone which you can then control with your smart device. It is very easy to complete this process, just make your own paper airplane and attach the PowerUp 3.0 smart module on it and you are good to go. This device’s companion app allows you to push the throttle up and launch it into air and control it up to a 180 feet range. All of this is accomplished through a Bluetooth connection between the smart module and your smart device (the app works with Android and iOS devices).

PowerUp 3.0 companion app

In order to control it you will need an Android or iOS smart device

In order to manoeuvre the paper airplane, you just have to tilt your smart device and the throttle can be used after take-off to ascend or descend the paper airplane. You can play around with the PowerUp 3.0 for around 10 minutes before the battery runs out. You will have no trouble recharging it, since you will receive a USB cable for that purpose.

PowerUp 3.0 crash resistant design

The PowerUp 3.0 has a forward bumper which makes it a crash resistant gadget

If you are not confident in your piloting skills, don’t worry because the smart module has a crash resistant design thanks to its forward bumper. No matter how you land it, the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Paper Airplane will remain without a scratch. Of course there is the small matter of knowing how to make a good paper airplane, but even this issue is solved because the entire package includes Invader, Nakamura and Dupont paper airplane templates.

PowerUp 3.0 USB cable charger

The PowerUp 3.0 is easily charged via a USB cable

Along with the smart module and templates you will also receive a few spare parts so your fun can last longer, namely a spare rudder and propeller. With this brilliantly designed toy, you can have a lot of good times piloting your favorite type of paper airplane.

Get it from Amazon here.

Check out the PowerUp 3.0 Smart Controlled Paper Airplane in action.

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