With the modern-day smartphone-obsessed world, it can be a real bummer to have your battery drain out when you have no wall outlet within an arm’s reach or when you somehow managed to forget to bring along a sturdy external charger on your outdoor adventure. Unless you’re eager to remain stuck – and phoneless too – in the middle of nowhere, you should always have a ready energy brick fully topped up and close at hand to tide you to the first wall outlet or another energy source. Still, however portable, energy packs can be hefty and too big to cram into your pocket or carry case, so perhaps it’s best to go with something smaller and yet sufficiently powerful, like the Power Pen Battery Charger. Small, handsome and versatile, Power Pen will keep your smartphone juiced up until you plug that charging cable into your phone for a thorough recharge – plus, it works as a handy writing pen so you’ll be able to fill all the forms and sign all the receipts and other documents on the go, and with your external charger, no less.

Stylus pen and battery charger

Designed to look like an average aluminum pen with a twist-action and black-ink ballpoint tip, Power Pen is said to be the world’s first pen with an integrated smartphone battery. This unique pen is fitted with a set of lightning and Micro USB connectors which allow you to top up your smartphone or another iOS/Android device from the 700mAh battery concealed in the pen’s housing. Though the Power Pen battery doesn’t guarantee an all-day smarphone top-up, it will certainly come in handy in emergency cases and be able to extend your phone battery life by another hour or two of power.

If you remove the cap at the end of your Power Pen and you’ll see a convenient USB port that plugs into any computer or tablet to juice up your pen charger after its battery runs out.

Power Pen battery charger

When not in use as an external smartphone charger, Power Pen works just like any other regular writing tool of its kind. Crafted from sturdy brushed aluminum and available in two different colors (black or gold), Power Pen Battery Charger is a creative combo of the two most frequently borrowed items in the history of humankind. Measuring 1.3 centimeters in diameter and 15.5 centimeters in length, Power Pen is now available for preorder at just $40 so if you want to make sure your battery stays alive even in dire emergencies, grab your new pen-come-charger today and enjoy all your digital and hand-written letters in the years to come. [via]

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