Portable Solar Road Shower


We have one more cool thing that will make your road trips more enjoyable. Portable Solar Road Shower will give you access to either hot or cold water in just a few seconds. It’s very useful whether you want to take a shower, wash the dishes, clean your gear or have additional drinking water.

This road shower works in a very simple way. You mount it to the roof rack of your vehicle, fill it with water and when you need it, just pump it up. This portable solar road shower can fit 5 gallons of water and to fill it up, use a gallon jug or a garden hose. The great thing about it is that the aluminum and food grade clear poly hose allow you to use drinking water. If you want an even better shower experience you can also attach the best shower water filter to it.

Road Shower Mounted At The Roof Rack

Portable Solar Road Shower is mounted on the roof rack of the vehicle. All you have to do it fill it up and the sun will heat up the water inside.

Because of the black surface, the water will heat up quickly. On a sunny day, it can rise 12-20 degrees per hour. If you want to wash something, just open the cap, but for a proper shower, you can use a hand pump, a CO2 cartridge pump, a tire inflator or a compressor to pump water. All you have to do next is attach a nozzle.

Two Images Of Portable Solar Road Shower

You can use all sort of pumps. There’s also a hose and a nozzle that will allow you to take a shower, but you can also use it to wash dirty gear or drink water from it.

Portable Solar Road Shower weighs 15 lbs and when you fill it up, its maximum weight is 55 lbs. It has a pressure relief valve that opens at 18 PSI and a 55″ hose. You can get different mounting accessories, as well as a shower curtain, extendable hose and a 7 pattern hose nozzle.

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