Porsche’s return to Le Mans race needs to be celebrated properly and the German company was sure not to disappoint. A proper celebration needed to sport some of the racing history of one of the most iconic and successful car companies in the world so they splashed the car with memorable Martini racing decals that are to be found on loads of racing machines, but are also unmistakably linked to Porsche’s domination in the world of car endurance racing in the 1970s and 1980s.

On the inside you can also find loads of Martini racing badges. They are also visible on the door sills, so there is no way that even the laymen will know this machine is somehow special.

Additional exclusivity perk is the fact that only 80 of them will be produced and sold, so the Porsche 911 Martini Edition is sure to become a future legend.

However, even though this car is here to celebrate the return to Le Mans, the engine is not the four-cylinder hybrid from the latest Le Mans racing Porsche. Expectedly, you get the familiar 3.8l flat six with 400hp from the Carrera S that is said to propel the Porsche Martini Edition to 62mph in just 4.1 seconds and at the same time offer great fuel consumption of 12.1l, 6.7l and 8.7l per 62 miles for urban, extra-urban and combined driving respectively.

What differs this car from the standard Carrera S, apart from the Martini decals an badging, is the fact that loads of additional features are standard here. Thus, you will get the PDK transmission, Sports Chrono package, Aerokit Cup rear spoiler and front splitter, Porsche Communication Management with satellite navigation included and the Bose sound system.

The Porsche 911 Martini Edition is available in black or white. [via]

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Porsche 911 Martini edition

White Porsche 911 Martini edition

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