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Our homes are getting smaller, living costs higher and life faster so living more practically and more simply is becoming an imperative. When it comes to interiors, pop up furniture will provide you with just that – no fuss, no great costs and plenty of fun. With that in mind, Austrian designer Liddy Scheffknecht has created a workstation from huge corrugated cardboard consisting of a foldable table, a chair and a laptop.

Pop-Up office, a foldable furniture set

Inspired by pop up books, Liddy called this unusual interactive installation / sculpture Pop Up (office). It measures 94 x 275 x 200cm and it can be opened and closed like a book. The sculpture was created in collaboration with Armin B. Wagner and, although it cannot be actually used for sitting, it could be a great starting idea for creating something similar and sturdier to be used in homes and offices. Imagine unfolding your entire workstation in one fell swoop and using it whenever and wherever you please – in your garden, in a park, anywhere outdoors…

Foldable furniture set including chair and table

Although Pop Up (Office) is non-functional and has no practical worth, this portable workstation is a well-executed and cleverly designed piece of art. If the artists manage to successfully translate it into another, more functional and more robust material like strong plywood or Dibond, they might have a great innovation at hands; the one that can cause a small revolution it the world of usable pop up furniture. Until that happens, we are just going to admire the creativity and imagination of these two Austrian designers. [viawatch video below

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