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Even the sternest and focused of minds sometimes have trouble staying sharp and fall victim to procrastination. When the level of your productivity diminishes, it’s time to increase your focus by employing methods which will solve your problem. One such method is the Pomodoro technique, a simple and easy way of dealing with time management and improving focus.

Developed by Francesco Cirillio in the late 1980s, this time management technique follows a few simple principles. First of all, decide which task you want to focus on and make sure you do one task at a time since multi-tasking is discouraged. Set your timer to 25 minutes and get started with your work. After the timer rings, take a 3-5 minute long break. Do not feel limited by a 25 minute long work interval, feel free to set it according to your personal preference. However, make sure that your break is always proportional to the time you spend working (example: after working for 30-45 minutes take a 5-10 minute long break).

It is important to mention that after several time intervals spent working, you should take an even longer break (15-20 minutes). The idea behind this technique is to take the pressure of the task at hand and allow you to pace yourself through work without having your productivity suffer. Working in focused time bursts will keep your mind sharp and frequent breaks will allow it to stay that way for longer than usual.

Pomodoro Technique timer

A low-tech approach is encouraged in this technique as the only items you need are a mechanical timer, pencil and a piece of paper. Of course, any kind of timer will suffice be it mechanical, digital or even an app. There are also many options available on various websites (for instance this one). Regardless of your timer, try out this incredibly useful technique and with its aid you will certainly feel more productive than ever. [via]

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