Polyurethane Fabrics, driving the future in the Fabric Industry!

Conscious choices lead us towards the future of a greener world; This is why the world is moving forward with the idea of sustainability and environmental concerns. Emitting the use of plastic, awareness about beach cleaning workshops, and buying green clothes are some of the remarkable ideas behind the conscious concept.

Due to the constant reliance on fossil fuels and recycled plastic waste, the people concerned about the environment put the plastic industry under the shack. But we are here to tell you that not all plastic demands your concern, and this is all Polyurethane is about.

Haunting pictures of plastic we see almost daily in newspapers and television represent 95% of thermoplastic. It interferes not only with the environment, but excess usage attacks the endocrine system in the human body, also leading to some hormonal imbalance. Thermoplastic also imposes danger to the soil and water by creating pH disturbance.

What impacts does Polyurethane have on the environment?

Polyurethane is an effective insulator that improves the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the energy required in heating and cooling and managing temperature. The results can be seen as a significant decline in carbon emissions.

Usage of Polyurethane in RV upholstery results in fuel efficiency because of the material’s lighter weight. Not only that, Polyurethane in many places is widely used in this generation of power for solid waste incineration, which means less usage of fossil fuels resulting in less deterioration of natural resources.

What makes Polyurethane a conscious choice?

Compared to thermoplastic, Polyurethane is built to last longer without impacting the environment in any negative way. There are several methods used in the recycling industry that quickly break down polyurethane compounds in the simplest form. The advantage is that when Polyurethane gets into the environment, it does not impose any harm.

Despite the environmental factors, constant use of thermoplastic imposes significant health threats; hence, Polyurethane is a more intelligent and conscious choice.

Why choose Ultrafabrics for your fabric needs?

With a mission to develop a material without any compromise in the comfort and performance Ultrafabrics are leading the way with their sustainable approach. To benefit the planet and put a stop to its deteriorating health the organization put forward their excellence and expertise to drive a change in the fabric industry.

A fabric which is animal free and completely ready to withstand the daily wear and tear of your active modern life is what you really need and you will get exactly that only with Ultrafabrics. Highly skilled and committed team with a customer-oriented mindset will make your entire fabric selection journey like out of the worldly experience and that will be just a start because, Ultrafabrics belief in relationships to last longer than that.

Defining beauty in fabric, Ultrafabrics are refining their collection with the best quality and high performance fabrics that not just appeal to you, but speak to your senses. From a large collection of fabrics of breathable technology, finely curated to provide you with a subtle texture and goes along with your warm, earthy, and spicy tones, Ultrafabrics has got a hold in the industry which is the reason behind their massive success.


High-end performing sustainable Polyurethane fabrics that are made with regards to the well-being of people and the planet without any animal based product, but a promise of premium quality.

Defined color that suits every style and tone, curated with the technology of comfort awaits your recognition only at Ultrafabrics.

Ultrafabrics’ skilled team of professionals are always available for consulting your needs, requirements and style to help you get the right fabric. Transportation, Furniture, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Fashion, whatever may be your fabric needs, fulfill them with style, efficiency and the future of fabric only with Ultrafabrics.

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