Your grandma was right – you should always be warm, and your health comes first. But from now on, you will never again have to sacrifice your fun for the sake of staying in the pleasant surroundings. With the Poler X Airblaster Ninja Suit, pleasant surrounding is wherever you are.

Not only that this suit has a very stylish design, but it is also extremely comfortable.  Made of Merino Wool, the most natural, cozy, odor protecting and temperature preserving material in the world, this suit will feel like your own new and improved skin.

Poler X Airblaster Ninja Suit

We could say that the designers have thought of everything while designing this very cool winter suit. Three zips – whole chest long one, 360 degree around your waist zip, and the small one for the bathroom use – enable you to feel completely free and unrestricted. Your ears will be protected from cold with very cool hood which will fit the form of every head perfectly thanks to its 7 panel design. As for your hands, since cuffs are made with loops for thumbs, your fingers will remain perfectly mobile while your palms are covered and protected from cold. In that way, again, you will be completely undisturbed in all your activities.

This very light suit which weighs only 190g/m² and keeps you completely worm nonetheless can be yours for the reduced price of $189.95 – $189.99 if you visit Amazon.

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Poler X Airblaster Ninja Suit

Airblaster Ninja Suit

Drying a Poler X Airblaster Ninja Suit

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