Pole House in Australia has found its place on almost every list of the world’s most iconic houses. This is truly one of the most striking beach houses around, and is probably the most photographed house in Australia. What is so special about the Pole House, you may ask? How about the fact that it is suspended 40 metres above Fairhaven Beach, which is one of the most spectacular beaches in Australia, or that it has floor to ceiling retracting glass walls which actually give you the feeling of no walls, as if you are walking in mid-air?

The house is newly renovated and is currently only available for rent through Great Ocean Road Real Estate Holidays. The Pole House has been very meticulously planned and crafted. Staying at the house is all about the experience, taking in the sights of the spectacular coastline, listening to the sound of crashing waves and enjoying every moment of it. The Pole House now has a completely new, minimalist, elegant interior with the bathroom concealed in a wall covered with ash timber. The walkway leading to the house has also been renovated and now features stylish glass balustrades.

Pole House is designed by F2 Architecture studio, run by the company’s founding directors Franco Fiorentini and Frank Marioli, both distinguished architects and members of the Australian Institute of Architects. [via] watch video below

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The Pole House

Interior design of The Pole House

View and scenery from The Pole House

Indoor fireplace in a cliff house in Australia

View from The Pole House

Kitchen in The Pole House

View from the Pole House

The Pole House by F2 Architecture

The Pole House on the beach

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