Polar is a company that is well known for their heart rate monitors and they kept this core function for their latest product, the Polar RC3 GPS Tour de France watch. Still, knowing that this watch was made to celebrate 100 years of Tour de France, it was bound to feature some other perks. Well, ‘some other’ does not really describe it even remotely.

The watch includes a GPS system that enhances its functionality greatly as well as cadence monitor. It has eight different training screens that present you with different information. However, they are easy to use and very intuitive. The information you receive will include your burnt calories, top speed, average speed, distance, altitude and even route. The computer inside also gives you the option of smart coaching that computes suitable training programs and gives fitness reports with highly motivation feedback.

All this information can be downloaded into Polar’s training software and Strava so you can compare and compete with other people’s results.

Polar RC3 GPS

Even though all the things we mentioned may seem complicated to setup and use, it is not so. The Polar RC3 easily finds the chest strap and cadence using wireless system and connects to GPS satellites reasonably quickly. And, you are ready to go. The only reason why you might want to read the manual thoroughly is the fact that it is easy to miss one of the amazing features it offers.

Micro-USB enables you to charge the battery as well as to exchange data. The port is neatly hidden on the back of the unit and one full charge should be sufficient for at least 8 hours of use, but this figure also increases significantly during lighter use.

The Polar RC3 comes in several different colors with bright yellow being the official Tour de France model, so they offered other, more toned down, options as well.

When it comes to comfort, the RC3 is pretty easy to wear. However, there is an additional bar mount that enables you to place it securely on your bicycle.

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Polar RC3 GPS Tour De France 2

Polar RC3 GPS Tour De France 3

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