Pointer HERE by Anna and Maxim Maximov of Maximovich Design

Most of us are not memory champions when it comes to remembering where we have put our keys, sunglasses, personal documents, phones, wallets, headphones, airline tickets etc. Maximovich Design is here to help you. Their ingenious product called Pointer HERE is dummy-proof and in a blatantly obvious way “shows” where you have left your personal belongings or things that you use on a daily basis.

Russian designers Anna and Maxim Maximov are the brains behind this mnemonic product which serves as a sort of personal assistant that organizes your daily objects.

Yellow Pointer HERE by Maximovich Design

The product is incredibly simple to use: just put the things you use every day inside Pointer HERE’s circle and the arrow will „lead the way“. Pointer HERE is made of steel, it is lightweight and easy to move around. It is a literal reminder for objects that you should not forget to take with you. Its size is 200 mm x 200 mm x 250 mm. Pointer HERE also comes in different colours to suit all sorts of interiors.

So, if you have been looking for an answer to the perennial question of: “Where on earth did I put my keys?”, look no further. Pointer HERE is ideal for scatterbrains, frantic multi-taskers, people who are constantly on the go, and the people who are just fed up with spending a lot of precious time each day searching for personal items when, in fact, they should have been making their way out already. watch video below

Gray Pointer HERE by Maximovich Design

Yellow Pointer HERE by Maximovich Design

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