If camping is your thing and you’re looking to enhance your outdoor experience, you should definitely check out the new Pod Tents by M2C Innovation. M2C Innovation is a UK based company that is focused on improving the social aspect of camping by turning small tents into genuine multi roomed dwellings. With these tents, socializing doesn’t have to stop at night time or due to bad weather. Camping needs to be convenient, and easy to set-up. Even when ProductExpert camping tents can be a good solution for families, there are other options, too. For trips with friends, pod tents can be a good alternative

POD Tents Mini model

There are two different models of the POd Tents and you can take a look at the Mini Model here

The tent system consists of individual pods that are connected with tunnels and provides great variety and flexibility when it comes to configuration and setup. M2C offers two models: the eight sided Maxi model (room for eight people) and the six sided Mini model (room for four people). The Mini comes with an internal splitting cell which divides the space into two sleeping compartments. This option is also available for the Maxi, but as an add-on. Other add-ons provided by M2C are upgrading the metal components to aluminum and under sheets which protect the bottom of the tent.

POD Tents tent system

The Maxi and Mini models can be combined to create amazing tent systems

M2C has paid special attention to the needs of the open festival crowd when designing Pod Tents. No more sitting around in the mud on a rainy day. With the Pod Tent system, you can bring the party inside. The Maxi model is a huge tent with a 5 meter diameter and a height of 2.7 meters. This room provides sufficient space for up to 12 people. The connecting system makes it easy to add or remove individual tents, or reconfigure the whole tent network.

POD Tents convenience

This tent system is perfect for frequent campes, festival goers or anyone who spends time in the outdoors with large groups of people

So, whether you belong to a group of frequent festival goers, or just have a large family with whom you want to share a camping experience, you should check out the Pod Tent by M2C. You can order the tents and the accompanying equipment here.

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Check out a promo video about the POD Tents to get a better idea of how it can work.

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