“Living smaller will save you money in the long run; it could also make you happier.” Architect Clara da Cruz Almeida of Collaborate000 architects and product designers Dokter and Misses brought this quote to life with their fascinating project – POD-INDAWO – a modular, prefabricated home which has been designed with a South African residential context in mind. If you want to live sustainably, environmentally friendly and unconventionally, than POD-INDAWO is the way to go.

To say that POD-INDAWO is a contemporary structure is an understatement. Everything about is forward thinking, be it the fact that the house preserves resources thanks to its reduced energy bills or that it is completely customizable to fit the needs of modern urban dwellers. POD-INDAWO is an elegant and contemporary slap in the face to supersized, impersonal, energy consuming houses, and a challenge to conventional living spaces which are anything but sustainable and eco-friendly. If you’re wondering about the price of these nano-pods, it hasn’t been officially announced yet but the designer team estimate that each unit could cost between $18,000 and $63,000.

Pod-Indawo micro-house interior

The unit spans 17 square metres and can be positioned in many configurations to form larger nano-living areas. Every POD-INDAWO is made off-site and precisely tailored to client’s needs and specifications. You can buy it empty or with a complete interior or even somewhere in-between. The designers say that the INDAWO / lifePOD is “a lifestyle and design intervention that affords home owners a comfortable, functional experience inside a small space”. This house can be your starter home, a home away from home, a seaside cottage or for whatever you require. This is simplicity at its best. POD-INDAWO is all about relaxation, harmony, peace and living in confluence with our planet. Just what our future requires from us!

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Pod-Indawo nano-house

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