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We are continuing to showcase the best base ski / snowboarding equipment around and, following our feature about Pro-Tec IPS Snowboarding Back Pads, we have found a similar product that is also as practical and useful as Pro-Tec Back Pads. It is POC Spine Ergo Back Protector. Produced by the eponymous Swedish company POC, this protector is so lightweight that you virtually won’t feel it on your back. It has been designed in cooperation with the specialists in spinal cord injuries and several ski and snowboarding athletes.

POC Spine Ergo Back Protector

The back plates of POC Spine Ergo Back Protector are made from durable polypropylene and have a shock-absorbing core which is made from multi-impact EPP. Do not be fooled by the protector’s thickness (it is quite thin) or its weight (it is quite light). This is a well-thought out and rather sturdy piece of snowboarding equipment. Actually, the protector will shield your entire spine – the upper part, i.e. vertebrae from C1 to C7 which, if seriously damaged, could result in a terrible, irreparable injury or sometimes even death, as well as your lower spine, including the caudal area.

The POC Back Protector has an efficient air induction system which will keep you both cool and dry. The protector is customizable thanks to its shoulder straps and height-adjustable features. Also, it has a flexible waistband which fits comfortably. This is a high performance piece of gear that not only gives you a full protection against back injuries thanks to its great impact absorption, but it is also completely anatomical and follows your back shape to a ‘T’ while not restricting your movements.

All POC’s products, including the Spine Ergo Back Protector, come with a one-year-manufacturer’s warranty. But something tells us that you won’t need this since POC is known worldwide for its impeccable workmanship.

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