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It has become very difficult to discover and visit a good music event in the vast ocean of generic summer music festivals. However, there are still people who care enough about providing people with a unique experience. We introduce PlusPlusPlus [+++], an event which perfectly embodies the meaning of the word “unique”. +++ will take place from July 3rd – 5th and will be held on the slopes of mountain Jelica, located 150 kilometers south of Belgrade, Serbia‘s capital. It was envisioned as a 48 hour long, non-stop event organized by the Dis-Patch Collective and two Belgrade clubs, Drugstore and 20/44. All the work related to this project is done on a volunteer basis, as the organizers have decided to take a different approach by forgoing corporate sponsorships. This liberates the entire event from advertisements and product placement of any kind and makes it a non-profit event.

+++ location

The location chosen for this music event will expose you to the breathtaking pristine nature of Serbia

As this is a music event, you can expect to have a good time with ambient, experimental and techno music. Local, regional, and a couple of international artists will make sure of this and with the Funktion One first class PA system, music will spread across every inch of the chosen location. +++ will have only one stage, so that visitors can see every performance and focus their attention on one place. 33 performers are included in this project and some of them are Andreas Tilliander’s TM404 project, Mai Mai Mai, Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn, Dusseldorf-based Vladimir Ivković and Slovenia’s Octex.

+++ artists

Check out the list of artists which will perform at +++

As for the location itself, you will be exposed to the beautiful and pristine nature of Serbia’s highlands with more than enough space for both the camping area and the area reserved for the content of the festival. +++ is also a family and pet friendly event and will have various activities for kids or anyone who decides to take a break from the non-stop party. As this is the first time ever a festival of this sort is being organized in this region, the number of visitors will be limited to 300, while any and all proceeds from ticket sales will be used to finance future +++ projects.

+++ amenities

+++ has more than enough room for all of its amenities, including, but not limited to, a camping area, bar and kitchen

Apart from music and breathtaking environment, food and drinks are also important aspects of the entire +++ experience. You will get a chance to try out spirit drinks and locally grown food, which is prepared in a specific way to the Balkan region, in the affordable +++ bar and kitchen. International vegetarian dishes will also be offered, and will be made by the +++ kitchen chef, Gaelle Leenhardt.

Although the people behind this project are giving their all to make this event happen and introduce a music festival with a strong emphasis on socializing and great food, they could always use some help. One way of doing so would be to make a pledge on their Kickstarter page and make sure that an event of this type stands on firm ground now and in the future. [via]

Check out this promotional video for +++.

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