The Planter Table by Emily Wettstein is a rather unique and creative concept that really takes home furniture to the next level. The most striking feature of the table is the acrylic planter on the table itself that can be used for a number of different plants. The planter is also removable, and the original creation features wheat grass right on top of the table.

The idea for the Planter Table came up as part of the application process to enable Emily Wettstein to get into grad school for architecture.

The New York based creator of the table offers the piece and other similar bespoke pieces for sale. The tables are available in different sizes and specifications depending on the clients’ requirements, including a planter of choice.

According to Emily Wettstein, she chose wheat grass for her original piece, as it is known to be particularly cat friendly. Clients can choose from a variety of plants for their own unique piece. The table is still practical to use despite the planter.

The Planter Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

The inspiration for the table came from the concept of sustainable food production, and can be viewed as a metaphor for the farm to table concept of food production. It has been well received for its artistic value and brining to the fore a concept that is close to many people’s hearts around the world.

Apart from the unique design of the Planter Table, the materials used also scream of environmental sustainability. The table is made out of all reclaimed materials including steel and walnut. The available pieces vary in size depending on what one is looking for, with the option of a bespoke piece on request.

The Emily Wettstein table is a definite plus to have in the home, and is a unique and collectable piece.

Side view of the Planter Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

Profile view of the Planter Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

Cat playing with the wheat grass on top of the Planter Walnut Table by Emily Wettstein

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