Planning for camping with kids? Here are the top kids’ hacks to make it a successful one!

Camping is an interesting way of connecting with nature. This activity is a way of bonding with the family. Kids learn to work together and engage in activities that can be fun and fulfilling at the same time.

Camping helps in increasing self-confidence, it encourages kids to appreciate nature, enhances problem-solving skills and fosters a healthy lifestyle. However, to make it a successful one, we have listed some tips and hacks for you to get started.

Hacks for planning a camping trip with kids

Decide where you will camp.

While planning a camping trip, decide where you will stay, a tent, cabin or RV?. With small kids, you require basic amenities like a bathroom or kitchen. Choosing a cabin can be a better option as it makes a comfortable stay for kids. However, if you choose to go for a tent or RV, make sure it matches your family requirements and comes with basic amenities such as a bathroom nearby.

Consider the distance of the campground from your house.

Camping trips are different from planning a family vacation. With all the equipment you would need during camping, it is unlikely that you could fly to the location. Traveling long distances with kids on the road can be difficult; however, it depends on the age of your children in determining how far you can drive.

For the safe bet, find a campsite that requires less traveling and is nearby your home to make it comfortable for your kids.

Check out the activities.

When you choose a campsite, do check what all activities are included. Activities are necessary as they will keep kids entertained and engaged. Usually, these activities are part of packages or are available at very affordable prices. These planned activities ensure kids feel more connected to camping and nature.

Also, find out which activities are available outside the campsite. If you plan a week-long venture, exploring outside activities beyond the camping site can be enjoyable. Check out all the locations that meet your family expectation and need for entertainment.

Go through campsite reviews.

With so many campsites, going through the reviews will give you a better idea of the services and amenities available. Reviews and feedback helps in knowing more about the camping sites, provision of amenities and whether or not they provide what they claim.

Focus on amenities provided

While finalizing the campsite, check out all the facilities provided at the campsite, such as bathroom facilities, hiking trails, playgrounds and others. Many campsites are specially designed to keep kids engaged, such as splash pools, stores, wash houses, bounce pads, etc.

Focus on meal part

Check what the meal facilities provided at the campsite are. You cannot skip this part, especially when traveling with kids. Carrying along some packets enjoyed by kids can be beneficial just in case. Going through camping food provision or whether or not they provide cooking essentials (in case food is not provided) is necessary, especially when camping with kids.

Pack appropriately

While camping, pack wisely and appropriately. Research about weather and do not forget to pack basics, such as mosquito spray, sunscreen, towels, baby wipes, roasting sticks, garbage bags, flashlights, sleeping bags, camping knives, card games, candles and others.

Include your kids in the planning

Do not forget to include your kids; incorporating ideas and expectations can help plan a better, fun trip. Ask them where they want to go, what activities they would like to engage in and any specific things they are looking for.


While planning a camping trip, remember the endless possibilities and amazing experiences one can enjoy. The mentioned hacks can help plan a fun and memorable trip with your family.

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