PK360 | Charcoal Grill And Smoker


Every man should know how to cook a steak. Said man, should also know that there is no other flavor to meat like cooking it with charcoal. Cooking with charcoal brings out all those natural flavors. Now, with Christmas coming up, we believe that it is time to treat yourself to the amazing PK360 Charcoal Grill and Smoker.

Constructed from cast Aluminum, the PK360 is a premium grill and smoker. It has also won the Winning Choice of Pro’s award for 3 consecutive years at the SCA World Championship Steak awards.

PK360 view of the grill

The grill and charcoal grate are constructed out of Marine Grade Stainless steel.

Featuring 360 square inches of cooking space, this grill is large enough to cook your entire family’s dinner. It also comes with shelves and a stand for added culinary benefit and comfort. The PK360 also features superb performance in hot and fast (grilling) scenarios, or low and slow barbecuing or smoking. It also features a unique capsule design that makes one-zone and two-zone cooking a breeze. Check out the video below.

view of the dual vents on a BBQ

The dual vent system allows for superb heat control.

The PK360 also has excellent temperature control. They managed to do this by integrating the thick cast aluminum with 4-way vents. This provides an exceptionally heat efficient cook chamber. The hinged cooking surface and the lower charcoal grate have been constructed from Marine Grade Stainless steel.

PK360 view of the shelves

The Ironwood shelves give you an excellent preparation surface.

In addition to this, the PK features an elegant design that adds a bit of style to your backyard. PK’s also tend to be lifetime purchases because of their superb quality and design.

Get it from PK360 here.

PK360 intake vent system

The PK360 also features an innovative and patent pending air intake system.

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