Pixel Table, by The Hague-based Studio Intussen, is synonymous with multi-functionality. This interactive table is made of 441 long bamboo cubes which, if pushed or pulled, can create many different looks. The table resembles a game of Jenga – push the blocks (bamboo cubes) in and make space for whatever you please.

Since the cubes come out on the opposite side when you push them, you can use them as a resting place, or for your wallet, phone, sunglasses, coffee cups, candles… You can be playful and innovative with creating different planes and pockets for your possessions. It is unbelievably simple and easy. The table also doubles as a multifaceted cupboard.

The dimensions of the Pixel Table are 45 x 45 x 45 cm.

closeup of the bamboo cubes on the side of the Pixel Table by Studio Intussen

Square pixel table on a white background designed by Studio Intussen

A book stored on the side of the Pixel Table designed by Studio Intussen

[images via Studio Intussen]

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