Pioneer has developed another amazing gadget that will in a great way improve your vehicle. They have produced a rearview mirror telematics unit, which is going to be a great addition to your car’s equipment.

It is a wireless information module that is meant to be placed over the original rearview mirror, so that it can improve its functions and your safety, of course. This add-on features an LTE communication unit that is connected to the Pioneer’s Mobile Telematics Center, which means you will be informed about local traffic, weather, news, facilities, and so on. Yes, it does function similar to the navigation system. They promised low latency and high-speed and there certainly is no reason not to trust them. All the information is displayed on a 5-inch LCD touchscreen that is half-mirrored.

This device also has a built-in front-view camera and it can capture very wide angle, because of the high-quality lens, so it works as a driving recorder, but it has much more to offer. Namely, it is equipped with a very helpful Safe Driving Support Service. It detects potential hazards, while analyzing the movement of cars ahead, and it sends audio and visual warnings, whenever it senses a dangerous situation.

Pioneer invented another great addition to this gadget in collaboration with NTT Docomo. They put a noise-cancelling microphone in the module in order to take control of the system via Voice-Activated Drive Agent Service.

Besides working as a common rearview mirror, it can be a Wi-Fi hotspot or used in fleet management through the renowned Global Navigation Satellite System, as well. Acceleration and gyro sensors are included, naturally.

Pioneer has given us much information about the product, but the pricing is yet to be announced and they do not have to rush it, since the product is coming to the stores sometime within the next year.

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