Multi-tools are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but people mostly go for the ones which can be carried around without even noticing them. Credit card multi-tools are particularly popular for this reason, but we are going to show you a multi-tool which cannot be compared to any other in terms of size. The Pinch Multi-Tool is by far the smallest multi-tool we have seen so far. Under 1.5″ long and 0.5″ thick, you might be skeptical about the functions this tool can perform. Regardless of its size, Pinch can cover over 10 different functions and is small enough to fit on your keychain and if you were not the one who put it there, you wouldn’t notice it’s there.

Pinch Multi-Tool

This may well be the smallest multi-tool ever

The Pinch Multi-Tool was designed to be able to assist you when you’re in, well, a pinch. This multi-tool is made either from stainless steel or aluminum and you get to choose which material suits you most.

Pinch Multi-Tool bottle opener

Along with many other tools, Pinch has a bottle opener perfect when you have a craving for a cold one

It is equipped with a 6mm hex wrench, mini pry bar, mini ruler (which is available in imperial or metric), 1/4″ hex bit holder, bottle opener, mini scraper, two flat screwdrivers, nail puller and wire stripping notch. It also has a hole for your key chain or lanyard. Essentially, a lot more than expected from a multi-tool of its size. With all of these functions it will definitely earn a place among the stuff you carry around on you every day.

Pinch Multi-Tool screwdriver

Pinch is equipped with two screwdriver flatheads

If you are interested in the Pinch, it is available for pre-order on Kickstarter and shipping of this tool will start in June 2015 as Jeff Morin, the creator of Pinch, has managed to gather the funds necessary for this project.

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