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Our real estate needs and requirements have evolved quite a lot in the last few decades. The urban areas are becoming more densely populated and the land to build on has become scarcer. We also live in smaller houses at significantly higher costs. All of this has pushed us into thinking outside the box, searching for housing solutions that are affordable and a little bit unorthodox but still fulfill our needs, just like the project we are featuring today. The Pin-Up Houses, designed by architect Joshua Woodsman, are not your typical run of the mill homes, both in size and appearance.

Pin-Up Houses exterior

All you need to build one of these houses is a plot of land and basic DIY skills (and the plans, of course)

The beauty of these houses is that they can be built by anyone anywhere. You don’t need specific construction skills because the construction plans are easy to follow and virtually foolproof. All that is required of you is to find a small plot of land and work your DIY magic. As Joshua says: “My house designs are time-tested; I found an inspiration in perfect DIY plans of traditional wooden houses.” The Pin-Up Houses are built in a traditional way, using 2x4s. Despite their compact size, the functionality of these houses hasn’t been compromised. On the contrary….

Pin-Up Houses interior

Even though compact in size, these houses are all about maximizing space so you can have all of the luxuries of a regular house

The Pin-Up Houses are all about using the space practically and living the simplistic, convenient cottage lifestyle while enjoying the luxuries of a typical house. The floor in a Pin-Up House is insulated while the roof is made of OSB boards and corrugated iron. The back of the cabin has a closed off space for storing wood so having a wood-burning stove would be an ideal heating solution. The house features a small cosy terrace in the front. The furniture is multi-functional and can be re-arranged in a variety of combinations or even double as kitchen elements.

Pin-Up Houses box stools

The box stools you see here can also be used for storage, as well as shelves and a kitchen counter

Joshua has designed quite a few styles of the Pin-Up House (Virginia, Louise, Bessie, Sheena, Alice and Christie, to mention a few). They are all original, a bit cooky, extremely functional and definitely attention grabbers. For more details, here is the catalog of all Pin-Up Houses.

Check out a presentation of the Cheryl Pin-Up House.

Take a look at a time-lapse video of the construction of the Cheryl Pin-Up House.

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