What is one of the fondest memories from your childhood? Piggyback rides are surely among the top five at least, both for dads and kids. Well, until dads got tired and their backs started to hurt.

The following product has caused a small revolution among children carriers, and if your child is between 2.5 and 6 years old, and weighs up to 30 pounds, you might want to pay attention. The carrier is fittingly called the Piggyback Rider and it is, unlike other child carriers, a stand-up carrier.

Piggyback Rider for kids and parents

The Piggyback Rider is a safe and fun way for children to be carried on their parents’ backs. It is light (it weighs less than 3 lbs), compact, and folds to a size of a rolled towel. What’s so different about this carrier? It has a tempered aluminum bar for the child to stand on and this bar hangs at an adult’s waist. The bar is easily adjusted to accommodate your growing kids. Also, the foot bar is pretty wide to ensure stability and proper weight distribution considering that the child leans onto the adult while standing in the carrier. Both the child and the parent are strapped in by a safety harness.

Piggyback Rider carrying system

The Piggyback Rider is a wonderful invention, both for kids and their parents who can now go for long walks without worrying about the child getting tired. In this way, children can be active participants in walks, while, at the same time, having fun and staying close to their parents.

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Piggyback Rider

Piggyback Rider

Piggyback Rider safety

Piggyback Rider

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