There comes a time in every man’s life when all you need is a drainage ditch – well, perhaps not exactly a ditch, but a channel to top up your fuel, refill that oil filter or pour another critical fluid into a hard-to-reach places. That’s where PIG® Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool comes in – convenient, foldable and easy to use, this cone-shaped accessory will take care of all your funneling needs in a few easy steps. And how does it work exactly? Scroll down to find out.

Created to last, serve and be handy, Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool easily shapes into any leak-proof custom drainage funnel so you don’t have to worry whether the end point would fit into that tiny drain plug or oil filter or whether the top would be wide enough. Built from an aluminum alloy core enveloped in strong and thick pliable nitrile rubber, Form-A-Funnel will easily mold into literally any shape you want or need it to take and the funneling tool’s soft rubber edge will form a seal around almost any drain or filter out there, preventing potential nasty drippings and/or leaks that can leave your clothes stained and your precious liquid wasted.

Flexible Draining Tool

Thanks to its nitrile rubber coating, this flexible funneling gizmo will stand most common vehicle liquids within the range of -30 to 425° F temperature-wise, and it is also super-simple to maintain as all leftover liquid wipes clean with some standard cleaners and degreasers. Thanks to its flexy nature, Form-A-Funnel will let you shape and reshape it thousands of times, and in case you can’t afford too much storage space in your glove compartment, toolbox or backpack, it can also be folded flat or rolled up and tucked away in a flash.

Measuring 14.2 x 6.5 x 0.1 inches and weighing a slight 0.3 ounces, Form-A-Funnel® Flexible Draining Tool by PIG® is a great piece of gear to have around in your car, motorbike, truck, boat, tool shed, garage and any other spot where you may find yourself in dire need of some fluid channeling accessory. So, why not grab a few today already and enjoy easy and leak-free funneling anytime and anywhere you go? Be wise; stay clean; go Form-A-Funnel.

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Pig-Form-A-Funnel Draining Tool

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