Time has become the most precious of commodities and if you are keen on saving it without giving up on small pleasures in life, consider this practical device – Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker. Yes, you can now make a delicious cup of java in the microwave for a fraction of time – just 30 seconds.

Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker is actually a cup that is made up of four segments – an espresso cup, a water chamber, a filter and filter cover. Making coffee with Piamo is as simple as the device itself. All you need to do is fill it up with water, add ground coffee (or alternatively you can use an ESE coffee pod) and put the cup in the microwave for mere thirty seconds. What happens is that the heat pressure in the water compartment forces the water to filter through the coffee compartment and into the cup. The result is a delicious cup of espresso in just half a minute.

Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker is the brainchild of Christoph Meyl who came up with the idea when he noticed that the kitchen at his work, which he shared with a few hundred other employees, had no espresso machine, only a microwave. He turned to his brother Hendrik and the two came up with a solution – Piamo Microwave Espresso Maker. This coffee maker has been developed in collaboration with design studio Lunar Europe. [viawatch video below

Piamo microwave espresso maker

Piamo microwave espresso maker parts

Piamo microwave espresso maker

How the Piamo microwave espresso maker works

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