Phonster is a completely different way for guys to carry their essential items, in a fashion similar to that of shoulder pistol holsters. If you ever wanted to try carrying a shoulder pistol holster because of its amazing appearance, now you can do so without freaking people out, because Phonster is designed to help you carry your phone, wallet, keys and credit cards. Granted, it doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, but for those of us who don’t want to carry a backpack or EDC bags, this is the perfect solution. Plus, the Phonster is handcrafted from high quality leather to ensure maximum comfort, durability, and an amazing appearance.

What Makes Out the Phonster

Phonster convenience

The Phonster lets you have quick access to your phone, wallet and keys

The Phonster consists of several key parts which make out the entire setup when combined. You have two cases which are large enough for your phone, wallet, keys and credit cards. They can be securely closed by using the magnetic clips and each of them have pull-tabs so that you can quickly access your items. The back harness is made partly from leather and from strong elastic straps. The length of the straps can be customized which makes this a “one size fits all” kind of holster.

Phonster materials

This handfracted holster is made from high quality leather and elastic straps so that one size can fit all

The Phonster also has an additional strap called the “sport-fix” clip which can be set over your chest to increase the stability of the entire setup in case you want to use this holster while engaging in running, cycling or other fitness activities. It can also come in handy if you’re always on the move and require more stability because of that. Last but not least, there is a special Phonster wallet included in the setup with 2 cash sections, 5 credit card sections and a compartment for a personal ID. This wallet was also made from the same leather as the rest of the items included in this package.

Different Phonster Setups

Phonster full package

The full Phonster package includes the two cases, back harness, Phonster wallet and “sport-fix” clip

Because Phonster was launched as a part of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and a very successful one too, you have the option of choosing what your Phonster will be like. First of all, the “sport-fix” clip is completely optional as well as the special Phonster wallet. Your choice will mainly revolve around whether you want to use the two main cases or just one, but as we consider symmetrical setups to look way better, we’re leaning towards the “Phonster Double”. Besides, this gives you a lot more storage space than a single case would. Regardless of the setup you choose, you should know that, just like a real pistol holster, the Phonster is unnoticeable under a jacket.

The Phonster can provide you with a totally different way of keeping your most needed items close by at all times, not to mention that all of those items can be accessed very quickly as you don’t have to struggle with zippered compartments or shallow pockets.

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Check out the Phonster Kickstarter promo video below.

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